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New mobile home RIDEAU | 2023 | Dealer and distributor

  • Wide range of top of the range mobile homes
  • Well-finished, spacious and comfortable
  • 100% French quality and manufacturing
  • Mobile homes designed for people’s health and ecology

Purchase and sale of mobile homes RIDEAU rental, residential, high-end or luxury mobile home.

What is the price for a 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom RIDEAU mobile home?

Mobil-home RIDEAU | Range 2023 | Dealer and distributor

Mobil-home Rideau : French mobile home manufacturer

Founded in 1975, Groupe Gustave Rideau is a French family-owned company that offers a complete line of high-end mobile homes known under the brand name “RIDOREV”.

Based in Vendée, this innovative company creates mobile homes that combine design and eco-efficient technology: ecological materials without VOCs, wood from eco-managed and PEFC-labeled forests and a well-insulated structure with double-glazed windows.

The finishing touches are well done, the space is comfortable and designed, the furniture is functional and solid.

Buying a Ridorev mobile home means choosing quality and 100% French manufacturing for a long lasting investment.

We invite you to discover below the new mobile home models from the manufacturer Rideau…

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Ecological mobile home

Rideau’s mobile home designers make it a point of honor to protect the environment and human health by choosing environmentally friendly materials that are free of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The floors and structures are made of wood from eco-managed forests in a sustainable development concept. RIDOREV mobile homes comply with the EN120 standard which aims to reduce CO² emissions. The openings are equipped with a double glazing insulating 4/16/4 which allows to reduce the energy consumption.

In short, choosing Rideau is choosing an ecological mobile home:

  • Wood from PEFC-labeled forests
  • Lead-free vinyl siding, 100% recyclable material
  • PurOne glass wool guaranteed without VOCs or treatments
  • Class A+ refrigerator-freezer (F since the new energy performance classification in 2021)
  • Choice of local suppliers to reduce the carbon impact of transportation
  • Optional Pack MOB’I® to reduce energy consumption by 13 to 18
  • Integration into the Eco Mobil-Home recycling network

Mobile home all comfort and solid

Everything is designed for you to be in a cocooning habitat to optimize your comfort during your vacations. The structure of the mobile home is insulated with mineral wool, a material of high thermal and acoustic performance, with insulating partitions in 19 mm melamine. In addition, there is plywood and a vapour barrier film against humidity. The frame of the mobile home is made of high resistance galvanized steel IPE, guaranteed 10 years. The floor covering is made of thick and resistant linoleum (Pureclean NF class A+).

As for hot water, you will have the choice between a hydropower generator water heater or an electric cumulus depending on the model chosen.

Mobile homes are equipped with various devices and systems:

  • standardized smoke detector (decree 2011-36)
  • electric air extractor in the bathroom to ventilate and reduce humidity
  • convector pre-wiring in all rooms
  • exterior lighting with indicator light
  • as an option, a MOB’I® Pack, a connected and intelligent solution that detects intrusion, fire, water leak, electrical malfunction…

Do you want a custom-made mobile home?

Rideau offers a mobile home configurator that will allow you to choose textiles, colors, finishes for a personalized decoration.

Do you need advice or additional information? Do not hesitate to contact our team of expert technicians in sales and delivery of mobile homes in France and Europe. We can be reached by email or by phone at 04 90 26 97 16


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