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New mobile home O’HARA | 2023 | Dealer and distributor

  • A large choice of mobile home models
  • Customize your mobile home to your image
  • High-end facilities and furniture
  • Ecological and safety standards respected

Purchase and sale of O’HARA mobile homes for rent, residential, high-end or luxury mobile homes.

What is the price for a 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom O’hara mobile home?
Mobil-home O’HARA | Range 2023 | Dealer and distributor
Leader on the mobile home market, the O’HARA brand is a must. Thanks to its experience, the company is constantly developing its concept: design, layout, quality, ecological materials… have been constantly improved for 20 years.

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Presentation of the O’HARA mobile home range below…

  • NEW O’HARA MOBILE HOME PRICE? Come and discover the new O’HARA 2023 range at prices from 35760 € to 64096 €.

A large choice of mobile home models

The O’HARA brand offers high quality constructions in customized and modular versions.

The company has developed two ranges of mobile homes:

  • The eco-designed mobile home range with 9 different models
  • The Key West Premium Range, an original and contemporary architectural concept

Customize your mobile home to your image

You want to become the owner of a new mobile home? You will be able to choose the exterior of your mobile home from a palette of 15 “new generation” polyvinyl colors. You can also customize your mobile home by choosing your options, your finishes, the number of rooms, the type of upholstery, curtains … It’s up to you to create the interior space of your mobile home to spend your vacations by the sea or in the mountains in the best conditions.

High-end facilities and furniture

The most demanding customers will be satisfied. The design is particularly well done and the services are always improved. O’HARA mobile homes can be delivered with terrace, equipped kitchen with central island, L-shaped benches… You will find models with large Italian showers. The mobile homes include a mirror with LED spotlights, large bed, mattress with probiotic coating, reading light… You benefit from modern equipment such as a 2 door fridge-freezer or a TV with arm.

Mobile home: ecological and safety standards respected

O’HARA mobile homes comply with the NF EN1647 standard which ensures the quality of the structure, furnishings, openings and emergency exits. The EN7721 standard guarantees the natural ventilation and the EN1949 standard the gas installation. Thanks to 180 control points, the inhabitant can enjoy his stay in a mobile home in complete safety. Each year the standards are updated in accordance with the regulations.

The search for quality is also done upstream with a selection of the best suppliers of reference and respectful of the environment. For example, the wood for the mobile home decks comes from eco-managed forests. The O’HARA brand is committed to sustainable development and recycling of mobile homes.

Trusted dealer for many years, we invite you to consult our selection of new and used mobile homes on our website.


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