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New mobile home IRM | 2023 | Dealer and distributor

  • Reliability of the structure and quality guarantee of the brand
  • Comfortable, functional, warm and spacious interior
  • Eco-responsible mobile home from design to use

Purchase and sale of new mobile homes IRM rental, residential, high-end or luxury mobile home.

Please contact our sales department to know the price of an IRM mobile home in 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms.

Mobil-home IRM | Range 2023 | Dealer and distributor

Created in 1992, the IRM brand has been able to develop its mobile home models. With IRM, it is the combination of quality construction and fittings at affordable prices.

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1- The reliability of the structure

The IRM designer offers you different models of mobile homes

19 models in its rental range: Cahita Riviera, Super Venus Riviera, Super Mercure, Super Mercure Riviera, Titania, Riviera Suite, Aqua 2, Life, Super Titania 3, Super Cordelia 3, Riviera 3, Aqua 3, Aqua 4, Loggia Compact, Loggia 2, Loggia 3, Loggia Bay, Super Mercure Access, Super Titania Access.

9 models in the Premium range: Summer Dream, Little Paradise, Azalea, Nasturtium, Jasmine, Magnolia, Lilac, Violet, Peony, Rising Sun.

Whatever your choice, you benefit from the brand’s quality guarantee. IRM mobile homes are built on the same model as a house. The frame is made of galvanized steel reinforced with wooden joists. The cladding is weather resistant, the roof is corrosion resistant and the frame is EN1647 classified.

The insulation has been designed to be particularly efficient. The IRM brand uses a 6-sided thermal insulation, 100% glass wool. The insulation of the 3 sides – floor, walls and roof – allows a better comfort and energy savings. The doors and windows are double-glazed, which is appreciated in all seasons.

2- Interior comfort

IRM mobile homes guarantee a high level of comfort for two to six people. Everything is designed to save space in a comfortable and warm environment. The living rooms, dining room and lounge, are bright and cozy. The kitchen is very functional, well-equipped and generally opens onto a Clairval wooden terrace. The rooms are comfortable and spacious. The bathroom includes a shower and various practical amenities.

Numerous storage spaces are provided to facilitate the life of the inhabitants: a sofa box, a piece of furniture in the entrance hall, a flat screen TV, drawers for pots and pans… The space is optimized and can be adjusted as desired.

3- An eco-responsible mobile home manufacturer

The IRM brand is committed to the environment and ecology. It holds the ISO 14001 standard attesting to its involvement in environmental management. Right from the start, IRM mobile homes are designed to be durable and energy efficient.

The equipment is A or A+ rated and ensures low energy consumption. The taps have a flow reducer, the lights are 100% LED with immediate on. The agglomerate panels of the partitions, furniture, floor have a rate of formaldehydes lower than the standards. This choice ensures excellent air quality in the mobile homes.

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