How to hide the bottom or the base of your mobile home?

The bottom of a mobile home is not always very aesthetic. That’s why mobile home designers offer trendy ideas to dress up the structure’s base: autoclave-treated wood slats, resistant and colorful PVC canvas, openwork wood skirts for a designer look. The underframe is usually delivered in a quick and easy to assemble kit, in any size to perfectly fit the size of your mobile home.

Here are some solutions to quickly and aesthetically dress the base of a mobile home while preserving its mobility.

The wooden base for mobile homes

The wooden slat structures allow to dress the bottom of the mobile home in an aesthetic way, with autoclave treated wood that resists humidity and insects.

Here are our different models:

Standard and fixed wooden base

The installation of the wooden kit is easy thanks to its grooves. The length and height can be adjusted according to the size of the mobile home.

Two versions are available to adapt to the different lengths of mobile homes

Standard and liftable wooden base

Wooden base that can be raised on straps

Different lengths are available

The straps are easily attached to the frame of the mobile home with self-drilling screws. The standard wooden baseboards are very quick to install: simply attach the various pre-assembled elements.

Any questions? Do you need advice? Ask our technician for assistance in choosing the base or for the installation.

To know more

The basement of a mobile home is a space where humidity accumulates and it is important to let the air circulate. That’s why the wooden boards are spaced a few centimeters apart to create ventilation under the mobile home.

The PVC canvas base for mobile homes

Substructure kit for mobile home terrace

Complete kits are supplied to hide the bottom of the decks which are not always aesthetically pleasing on mobile homes.

For terrace of any size : 3m, 4,50m, 6m, 7,50m, 9 m…

In accordance with the regulations in force, the wooden cladding must not hinder the mobility of the mobile home. Therefore, the substructures must be removable and easy to remove. To choose the right model, do not hesitate to contact our mobile home technician.

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