How to install air conditioning in a mobile home?

Summer in a mobile home can quickly become difficult if there is no air conditioning system. Indeed, the insulation is far from being the same as in a house or an apartment and the heat settles very quickly.

There are different models of mobile home air conditioners, presented below.

The monobloc air conditioner

As its name indicates, it is composed of a single unit. The air conditioner can be fixed or mobile. If you choose the fixed option, you will need to install one in each of the rooms you wish to air condition. The mobile version is equipped with wheels that allow you to easily move the device according to your needs.

Some models are reversible, which means that in winter they can be used as a heater. The main advantage of the packaged air conditioner is its very reasonable purchase price. On the other hand, it is often very noisy which can be a nuisance especially at night. Moreover, its efficiency is limited if the room is large.

The split air conditioner

The split air conditioner consists of two units. The first, which is in the form of a block, is installed outside the mobile home. The second unit is usually a mobile unit on wheels that you can move from room to room. However, there are fixed models that you can place high up in the rooms you want to cool.

You will also find multi-split air conditioners that have several indoor units: the entire mobile home can thus benefit from air conditioning. This type of air conditioner is also reversible and will heat your mobile home during the winter. One of the main advantages of the split air conditioner is that it is quiet, so your sleep will not be disturbed. On the other hand, with the progress of manufacturers in recent years, this type of air conditioner uses non-polluting gas, thus ensuring the respect of the environment.

Practical advice on mobile home air conditioning

The installation of a packaged air conditioner is relatively easy and does not require the intervention of a professional. For split air conditioners, on the other hand, it is better to ask the seller to manage the installation so that the connections are made safely.

In terms of budget, if the split air conditioner remains a little more expensive, its price is becoming more and more affordable. In both cases, the price will depend on the model chosen and the surface of the mobile home. The first prices around 150 euros are the least efficient air conditioners. The top of the range models can reach up to 2000 euros.

Air conditioning and heating your mobile home is essential for your well-being in all seasons, especially if you want to rent it.

The ideal is to choose a MOBIL-HOME WITH REINFORCED INSULATION to reduce heating and cooling costs.

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