5 questions to ask yourself before buying a mobile home

Do you want to spend a quiet vacation without having to worry about booking a rental every year? Do you need a friendly and comfortable place to welcome family and friends in the summer? Do you want to go away for the weekend whenever you want? Investing in a mobile home is a good solution. You are at home and you come whenever you want, at any date.

However, before finalizing the project, you should ask yourself the right questions. Our mobile home expert discusses 5 key points before buying a mobile home…

1- Why buy a mobile home ?

This question is interesting because it will help define the size of the house and the location. For a personal use for a couple, a 2/4 PLACES MOBIL-HOME with a bedroom is sufficient. It is advisable to purchase a larger mobile home if:

Buying a mobile home means having a pied-à-terre in a place you like. You can decide to leave whenever you want, for as long as you want.

2- How to find the right location year round?

Before buying a mobile home, you should take the time to choose the place where you will install it. First of all, choose the region that suits you according to your tastes: by the sea, in the country, in the mountains, near a big city… Remember also that some campsites are only open for part of the year (for example from May 1st to October 31st) which restricts the use of your mobile home.

Another criterion to examine is the services offered by the campsite: swimming pool, entertainment, shops, catering, daycare for children…

3- Pitfalls to avoid before signing a rental agreement?

The campsite owner must provide an information notice and the internal regulations before signing the lease in accordance with the order of February 17, 2014 . It is important to take the time to read the rental conditions.

The lease must indicate 3 essential elements such as:

In most cases, the contract is renewed by tacit agreement. You will also need to take out insurance and agree to abide by the campsite rules.

4- How to transport a mobile home?

Once purchased, you will have to transport your mobile home to its location. It is an imposing structure that will require transportation by special truck. The price of transporting a mobile home depends on the size of the mobile home and the distance to be covered. It is necessary to count, in general, between 3 and 5 euros the kilometer. A package will be offered for shorter distances.

This is a cost that must be taken into account when purchasing your mobile home.

5- How to finance your mobile home?

There are loans for the purchase of mobile homes. This is the most appropriate funding method. You can also opt for a consumer loan. The amount of the repayments is fixed in advance, which allows you to plan your budget.

Buying a mobile home is a rental investment with reduced expenses and without the inconvenience of taxes. Indeed, there is no housing tax on this kind of product.

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