How do I get rid of my old mobile home at the end of its life?

A mobile home has a limited life span. Like any construction, the mobile home undergoes the effects of time and becomes, at some point, unusable. Therefore, deconstruction must be considered. Mobils Diffusion is approved by the company Eco Mobil-Home, an essential actor in the dismantling and recycling of these structures. Today, for the purchase of a new or used mobile home, we offer free dismantling of the old mobile home. We work with professionals, distributors and individuals.

We offer the service “dismantling mobile home” from A to Z. Our team takes care of everything, from dismantling to transportation. Here is some useful information to know about mobile home deconstruction, read below…

Why deconstruct a mobile home?

The main reason is that the mobile home is coming to the end of its life. In an ecological concern it is thus essential to deconstruct it in the rules so that it does not remain unnecessarily on a ground and that the materials do not pollute the environment.

The other reason is that it may have been damaged by a storm, for example, and is now unusable or even dangerous for passers-by. In both cases, the fact of dismantling it will make it possible to recycle the materials and to avoid that the carcass of the mobile home is abandoned in full nature or on the ground of a camp-site.

Any owner of a mobile home, private or professional, can ask for its deconstruction.

Contact our service to make an appointment and to know the modalities of the dismantling and the transport of the mobile home.

To know more

The dismantling is offered for any purchase of a new MOBIL-HOME

Recycling your mobile home: an eco-responsible gesture

A mobile home is essentially made of steel, aluminum and wood, components that are easily recyclable and will be reused, thus contributing to an ecological chain.

The different stages of dismantling a mobile home

Once the administrative formalities are completed, the intervention of the deconstruction services can take place. Sometimes the mobile home is dismantled on site, but in most cases, the mobile home will be loaded onto an adapted truck and taken to a specialized warehouse for dismantling.

The mobile home will then be dismantled step by step.

First, the team will remove the interior equipment such as benches, appliances, textiles … Then, the different parts are separated by category. Some components will be able to be recycled. Our job is to sort and process the components separately in order to optimize the recycling of the mobile home.

The deconstruction of an old mobile home is an eco-responsible gesture that will allow the reuse of materials but also the installation of a new or used mobile home more modern and more respectful of the environment?

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