5 tips for renting my mobile home in a campsite

Investing in the purchase of a mobile home in order to rent it out during vacation periods can be a (very) profitable investment. However, before embarking on this adventure, you must take into account several parameters.

Here is our expert advice…

1- Choose the right location for your mobile home

In most cases, you will install your mobile home on a campsite. But be sure to get the right information! Indeed, some campsites refuse subletting in their rules in order to preserve the frequentation of their establishment.

Another point to check is the tourist attraction of the place you have chosen. The seaside remains the most popular destination for the French, but some mountain regions also attract many tourists. If the campground accepts pets, this is also an important asset in your search for tenants.

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2- Getting the right price for renting your mobile home

Before writing your ad, take the time to look at those already online. Compare the services with what you offer to establish your rate. You can then be strategic and set your rental price slightly below equivalent offers in order to attract a maximum of candidates.

3- Place a nice “mobile home rental” ad

The interest of tourists for your mobile home will depend largely on your advertisement. The more attractive the description and photos, the more requests you will get. To do this, you need to write an ad that stands out from the others with beautiful interior and exterior photos of the mobile home, of course, but also of the environment.

Don’t forget to describe all the activities to do in the area. Emphasize the convenience of the location: downtown, supermarket, health center…

4- Be on site to manage the rental

This is sometimes difficult to achieve, but it is nevertheless important. Direct contact with your tenants is a great asset for both parties. That’s why, whenever possible, installing your mobile home relatively close to your place of residence is the ideal solution. You can also count on a trustworthy person to welcome the tenants, without forgetting to do the cleaning in the strict rules of hygiene Anti-Covid.

5- Take out mobile home insurance

To rent your mobile home, you must take out insurance. A mobile home, unlike a caravan, is considered a dwelling place. Therefore, a homeowner’s insurance policy that includes liability coverage must be established. You will be covered in case of a disaster or bad weather. When tenants occupy your mobile home for a stay, it will be their insurance that will intervene in case of damage caused by them.

Our advice Write a mobile home rental contract according to the rules with a detailed inventory of fixtures.

Renting out your mobile home is a solution that can be fruitful as long as certain rules are respected.

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