How can I finance my new or used mobile home?

You want to buy a mobile home to spend your vacations in your favorite region? Whether you live by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, becoming the owner of a mobile home is still accessible thanks to a consumer credit.

A mobile home is much less expensive than a second home with less work and maintenance costs. With a surface area of between 20 and 40 m², the mobile home is a kind of house mounted on wheels and without foundations that offers comfort, security and freedom. You can have access to a private garden, a kitchen opening onto a wooden terrace and all the functional equipment you need. The campsites are usually equipped with a heated swimming pool, shops and games for children.

On the financial side, you have many possibilities whether you are buying a NEW or SECOND-HAND mobile home. Here is an overview of the different financing solutions for investing in a mobile home.

Buying a mobile home on credit

If you don’t have the cash budget to buy a mobile home, it is possible to take out a consumer credit with or without a down payment. Buying a mobile home on credit with a personal contribution (called mixed financing) is an excellent solution. This type of credit can be taken out quickly and easily with your bank or another credit organization. As with a real estate loan, you will have monthly payments to make. The larger the personal contribution, the lower the monthly payments.

To know more

The mobile home is considered as a mobile installation, it is therefore not possible to make a real estate loan but a consumer loan which facilitates the administrative and financing steps.

The purchase price varies according to the model of mobile home and various parameters:

Buying a mobile home for two is possible!

Whether it is with a family or a friend, it is sometimes wise to buy a mobile home together to share the costs. You will be able to spend your vacations in turn. Only one condition is necessary: we must get along well in order to avoid conflicts!

Additional costs to remember

When buying your mobile home it is important to add additional costs such as transportation and the campsite plot. Our team of technicians takes care of the transport of mobile homes in France and Europe, you can trust us for a secure delivery.

You will then have to pay for the camping site, water, electricity and insurance. Count on average 2000 euros per year or even double for a plot of land with trees in a luxury campsite with a heated pool.

When applying for a loan, it is therefore advisable to include the price of the mobile home and all related costs.

Renting your mobile home: a profitable solution

If you rent your mobile home, this will allow you to pay in part or in full your credit and the cost of the campsite plot. Mobile home rentals are becoming more and more popular and it is not difficult to find tenants. However, before renting, it is important to read the rules of the campsite to know if the campsite manager authorizes subletting.

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