How to fit out the interior of your new mobile home?

Now that your mobile home is installed, it is time to furnish it so that you feel at home. There are many possibilities depending on your taste and budget.

Here are a few decorating ideas and practical advice for your mobile home…

The choice of furniture for mobile home

A mobile home is like your second home, so you will want to find all the comforts: good bedding and practical furniture in the bedrooms, a comfortable sofa with soft cushions in the living room… And as for high tech, you will want to have access to all your favorite channels and a high speed Wi-Fi connection which are services generally offered in the vast majority of campsites in France

And above all, let’s not forget the kitchen, which is becoming more and more a central room. The kitchen is often open on the terrace of the mobile home to share convivial meals. Functional and aesthetic furniture and efficient household appliances are essential to ensure your peace of mind during your vacation.

Our advice

Installing a tarp or a cover for a mobile home terrace allows you to create an additional outdoor space that is not negligible in rainy or windy weather.

Tips for storage in a mobile home

The mobile home is sometimes a small place, so you will have to be ingenious to save space and optimize each m². Every space will have to be used without making the place look overcrowded.

In the kitchen, you can equip the interior of cabinets with storage racks so that each utensil finds its place. Hangers above the work surface also serve as storage. A folding table allows you to save space outside of meal times.

In the bedrooms, replace the traditional dressers and cupboards with wall-mounted shelves in a dressing room style. Shelves save space while providing convenience for storage.

In the bathroom, we also bet on the design of the walls: shelves above the washing machine for example. As for the toilets, here too a wall arrangement can add storage space.

It is clear: the space above the ground must be used and optimized

What style and atmosphere in my mobile home?

Several materials and colors allow you to print a style to personalize your interior. For a sober and refined atmosphere, white and plain are your allies: light paint on the walls and a plain floor enlarge the space.

For a rustic and warm side, wood fulfills its role to perfection. Opt for natural tones for an authentic effect. Prefer the painted wood for a decoration on the theme of the sea for example if you are in a camping in the Mediterranean. If on the contrary you want a festive atmosphere, then bet on different bright colors by harmonizing them. Colorful accessories, cushions, shimmering curtains on the windows will bring the finish. Once the theme of your decoration is defined, you can hang various decorative objects on the wall to personalize your mobile home.

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