How to cover an existing mobile home deck?

The mobile home is increasingly used as a home during camping vacations. The interior space is comfortable, the kitchen is well equipped and functional, the rooms are cosy… And what about the outdoor terrace?

The terrace of a mobile home is a very important place: you can have your meals there, take a nap, read, play with your children… Covering a deck in whole or in part provides not only an aesthetic design but also an “extra living room” to expand the space of your mobile home.

Whether it’s you for your own use or the RENTERS OF YOUR MOBILE-HOME, everyone will be delighted in the summer months.

Here are some quality PVC fabrics and expert advice to dress up your mobile home terrace…

The waterproof PVC canvas for mobile home terrace

Our mobile home covers protect against sun, rain and wind. Your wood deck will keep its beautiful appearance and will not be damaged by UV rays and humidity. The PVC MOBILE-HOME tarpaulins are suitable for all sizes and brands of mobile homes. You can cover the entire terrace or only a part of it, depending on your wishes. The installation is easy and the canvas is delivered in kit including the straps to maintain the tarpaulin and all the necessary screws for the assembly.

You can choose from a wide range of colors so that the canvas fits harmoniously into the design of your mobile home. The tarpaulin can also be made to measure

On our page, you will find :

The different tarpaulins for mobile home decks

The side cheek tarp or side tarp

This tarp is placed on the side of the deck and provides protection from wind and moisture. It can be opaque or equipped with a transparent window to let the light through.

The sidewall tarp is attached with turnstiles on the edges with an optional sliding rail system for easy opening.

The front cover

You want to enlarge your mobile home? Opt for the facade tarpaulin available in different sizes and colors. This tarp is fixed on the terrace thanks to a sliding rail system that is easy to handle for opening or closing the tarp. Windows let in light, allowing you to create an additional living space.

The roof tarp

The mobile home roofing is treated to resist UV rays and humidity. It is waterproof and washable. These roofs can be left in place all year round without being dismantled, which guarantees that they can be used in all seasons, summer and winter.

The custom-made and personalized tarpaulin

This is a necessary option when your mobile home deck is non-standard.

Do not hesitate to ask our technical advisor for a free estimate for the creation of custom PVC tarpaulins.

A selection of quality mobile home covers

All our PVC tarpaulins have a weight between 640gm² and 730gm² depending on the model. Our covers for mobile home terraces are not subject to damage from the elements: UV resistance , rain, hail, wind.

For the decoration, a large choice of plain or striped colors is offered: white, vanilla, grey, almond green, blue and white… Choose the color to personalize your deck!

Maintenance is easy: PVC tarpaulin can be cleaned with soapy water.

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