New mobile home Life PMR – 2 bedrooms – model 2023 Archived

Designed to be accessible to all, this mobile home has been developed for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.

Do you have a large family and need lots of room? THEN THE MOBILE HOME IRM AQUA 4 IS WAITING FOR YOU.

  • Price 45760 €
  • Year 2018
  • Number of bedrooms 2 bedrooms
Mobils Diffusion - New mobile home Life PMR – 2 bedrooms – model 2023
  • Information
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 6 bedding
  • 30.50 m²
  • 4 m large
  • 8.70 m long
  • Double slope roof
  • Central location
  • 4 seasons insulation


  • Number of rooms: 2 rooms
  • Number of persons: 4 to 6 persons
  • Surface : 30.50m2
  • Dimensions: L8.70 x l.4.00m
  • Access to all rooms in wheelchair: the threshold of the entrance door does not exceed 20 mm (adjustment wedge provided), all doors slide and have an opening of 77 cm minimum, each room has a turning area of 150 cm
  • Contrasting equipment and accessories facilitate visual recognition
  • Rectangular dining table with a useful height of 70 cm
  • Raised beds in the rooms to facilitate transfers
  • Sturdy, watertight bathroom with walk-in shower, seat with removable backrest and integrated toilet

Because vacations should allow everyone to recharge their batteries, this model has been specifically designed for easy access for people with reduced mobility, with wider doorways, turning areas and a fully equipped bathroom.

Standard equipment

– Smoke detector guaranteed 10 years
– 100% Led lighting
– Convector 1000 W
– HR 35 kg/m3 mouse mattress with OEKO-TEX label
– High and low ventilation
– Phthalate-free lino
– Main circuit breaker
– Antenna socket and TV cabling
– Kitchen furniture on legs with PVC skirting
– Flow reducer on sink and basin mixers (71/min)
– High-end mixers
– Hydro power natural draft gas water heater
– Sticker to raise awareness of eco-behavior

The kitchen

– 4-burner gas hob, white
– Fridge-freezer 207L class A+
– Roller blind
– TV arm

The stay

– Dining table with a useful height of 70 cm with fixed wooden legs
– Sofa on legs
– 2 black in & out stacking chairs
– Mirror above the sofa

The top options

– Convector of 500 W in the rooms
– Bed of 160 x 200 cm in the master bedroom without obstructing the circulation
– Infrared radiant panel convector in the bathroom

The key points

– Access to the bedrooms and shower room by sliding door
– Contrasting equipment and accessories for easy visual recognition

The parents’ room

– Open storage unit at the head of the bed
– Headboards
– Adjustable reading lights with integrated switch
– 2 bedside tables
– Large closet with sliding door
– 18 slats base with raised feet to facilitate transfers and HR 35 kg/m3 foam mattress
– Blackout curtain on each window
– TV cabinet housing the hot water tank
– Mirror

The children’s / guests’ room

– Low bed 90×190 cm with raised feet to facilitate transfers and high transverse bed 70×190 cm
– 18 slats base and HR 35 kg/m3 foam mattress
– Bedside table
– Round shelf
– Large open closet
– Blackout curtain

The shower room and WC

– Colored accessories for more contrast
– WC: white porcelain bowl suspended 490 mm from the floor
– 2 handrails at the WC level
– 2 handrails at the shower level
– Shower: 1 shower tray integrated in the structure
– 1 shower curtain, color grey, leaded with rail
– Ventilation: air extractor with a maximum flow rate of 100m3/h
– Height adjustable shower seat with removable backrest
– Thermostatic mixing valve
– PVC roller blind

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