How to transport your mobile home in France and Europe?

Because the transport of mobile homes is not a simple thing, we take care of all the organization for the transport of your mobile home.

We only deal with the transport of our customers’ mobile homes.

Transport of mobile homes by professionals

The transport of a mobile home is a specific operation. It cannot be performed by individuals or unauthorized professionals. It is not possible to use any road infrastructure. Even on a short trip, the operation is delicate. There is an adapted and rigorous legislation for this type of travel. Therefore, special equipment, techniques and knowledge are required to transport a mobile home.

At the time of purchase, we take care of your mobile home from your plot. We offer you vehicles and equipment capable of carrying out its transportation in complete safety. We also take care of the authorizations to circulate with this type of machine. Our drivers carry out the removal operations for you and your mobile home is transported in compliance with the rules without any intervention on your part.

Sell your mobile home to a professional for a secure transaction and transport.

Tariff of a transport of mobile home

You have just bought a mobile home or you already have a mobile home and want to install it on a new plot? Once you have read the mobile home regulations, you will need to consider the cost of transporting the mobile home.

Tariff of a transport of mobile home by exceptional convoy

Concerning the transport by exceptional convoy, the mobile home is placed on a truck-trailer or a semi-trailer pulled by a truck.

A mobile home is a construction that measures from 3.00 to more than 4.50 meters in width, so the owner must transport it by exceptional convoy. An exceptional convoy is a transport of goods whose size and mass exceed the regulations of the Highway Code.

The transport by exceptional convoy is subject to special conditions:

The cost of a mobile home transport can vary greatly

The price of the mobile home transport can change according to :

As a general rule, the price of transporting a mobile home is about 9 € per kilometer.

Mobile home transport rate: transport, installation, connection and air conditioning.

Once the transport price of the mobile home has been determined and the mobile home has arrived at its destination, it must be set up.

If the mobile home location is not accessible by truck, the carrier will need to request assistance from a crane, 4×4 or winch at an additional expense.

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Watch the video

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